tisdag 17 februari 2004


Sara is a very rock ass friend of mine. We were roomies 2002-2003 and then she moved to Skåne and I moved in with my boyfriend. The good news is that I am going too see her today and both me and my boyfriend are soo looking forward to it. :D

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måndag 16 februari 2004

summer job

Looking for for a job this summer. Applied for one on the ferries that go between Gothenburg and Copenhagen.I should also call my last job, at the children's home, but I missed my chance today. I'll have to do it tomorrow though

måndag 9 februari 2004


Somewhere in this apartement complex someone is playing the flute. Every night I hear one of my neighbours snoring. I am pretty sure it's the same man that goes peeing about midnight, every night. The house is alive, always murmuring with human sounds. This does not make me feel annoyed, it makes me feel safe.

onsdag 4 februari 2004

electric sweaters

music: Wolfsheim - Leave no deed undone

Cool. The winamp browser just gave me information about wolfsheim I didn't know. Anyhow, it's laundry day. This means getting down to the little house in the yard and use up lots and lots of fabric softener. However, we are out of it and have to get it expensively from the corner-shop. My father never used it when I was a kid so now I absolutely have to use it. No more elctric sweaters...ever.

måndag 2 februari 2004

mind power

I've got so much to do and the majority of it takes mind power. Thinking about the world I created for my LARP and how I will get everything ready in time for it. At least most of the texts are written. If you want to check it out, go to lrs.sverok.net/speglingar.